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The Tree

Two days after we arrived back in Australia from our 2-year Canadian jaunt, my hubby scored a stint as a film set tutor, teaching child AC-TORS (forgive me, I can never say that word without putting on an Alec Guiness voice and exaggerating the syllables to boot).

The film, called “The Tree”, was being shot near hubby’s folks’ place (a huge production taking over the tiny town of Boonah, just west of Ipswich, would you believe!), recently debuted at the Cannes Film Festival and starred the very lovely Charlotte Gainsbourg.*

*On a side note: She is so adorable on-screen, I just want to cuddle her, smother in a crocheted blanket and feed her cups of pumpkin soup. I’m happy to boast say that I got to meet her on the final night of shooting too and she seemed genuinely sweet. So nice. I hate it when people you admire turn out to be snooty in the flesh.

This was the defining experience of our return to our homeland – staying out in this country town, spending time on the bustling country set, reading the headlines of the local news daily, the film naturally being such a wildly exciting event that it all but dominated the paper for those few months!

So we were very excited to sit down together just now and finally watch the trailer…and I think it looks like it’s gonna be a goodie!!!

Care to join us?

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