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Inject some humour into your workplace

Lift the mood, connect your team, and smile for days

Jenny Wynter 27-01.jpeg

“If you’ve seen one corporate speaker, you’ve seen them all.”

Said no-one ever, if they’ve experienced a Jenny Wynter Keynote.

That’s because Jenny defies the expectations of a corporate speaker.

Forget stuffy and soulless. Expect vibrant and vivacious.

Ditch the idea of stilted or smarmy. And get ready for fun, laughter, and a healthy dose of perspective.

Having trodden the boards of improv theatres and comedy festivals around the world, Jenny thrives on bringing something new and unique to Every. Single. Keynote.

You won’t get any palm cards or a rote-learnt speech.

Instead, Jenny creates spontaneous moments of connection with her audience, making each performance or keynote one-of-a-kind and unforgettable.

See Jenny in action

Jenny Wynter 00-01.jpeg
Jenny Wynter in front of a live audience

Live events

Jenny Wynter in front of a virtual audience

Online events

Hybrid events with in-person and remote audience

Hybrid Events

Pre-recorded content for on-demand audience members

Pre-recorded content

Energetic, funny and dynamic speaker for online and live events

As a former Clown Doctor, Jenny knows how to walk into a room and shift the energy through her performance.

She has an uncanny ability to sense what the audience needs – and then deliver exactly that.

Whether your team needs to recharge their batteries, is craving connection, or just wants a bloody good belly laugh, Jenny has you covered.

As a fierce mental health advocate, award-winning comedian, and author, she can harness the power of laughter to fundamentally shift the culture and energy of your team.

Jenny Wynter 10-01.jpeg

Speaker topics

Jenny has delivered keynote speeches on creativity, mindset, leadership, diversity, entrepreneurship, corporate culture, and mental health.

Her most popular topics are listed below. But don’t forget, she’s not a writer for nothing – if you have a specific topic in mind, let Jenny know and she can create a custom keynote for you.


Burnt out to brilliant

A fun, energising and morale-boosting circuit breaker for workplaces dealing with high stress, burnout, or organisational change.

By the end of this session, your team will: 

  • Feel re-energised, relieved and inspired to take action

  • Think in new ways about the micro-impacts people have on each other and how to harness them for good

  • Have tangible strategies to improve their own people’s mindset, teamwork and productivity

Mental health

Fun-Da-Mental Health

Forget sitting through another dry, boring presentation for Mental Health Week. Instead, this genuinely funny yet thought-provoking session is for workplaces that want to inspire their team to go beyond asking, "R U OK?" once a year, or paying lip service to an important issue with cupcakes.

By the end of this session, your team will: 

  • Feel lighter, uplifted and inspired

  • Have new ideas about tangible things they can do to proactively care for their own mental health

  • Think differently about the everyday impacts they can make on each other’s mental health


Women's Empowerment: Blah Blah Blah! Can’t we move on already?

This hilarious and inspiring keynote draws from Jenny’s near-two-decades working in a male-dominated industry.


While it’s perfect for IWD events, it’s also a terrific inclusion any time of year if your workplace wants to improve its commitment to diversity and inclusion.


By the end of this session, your team will: 


  • Feel disarmed and relieved having had a good laugh

  • Have new ideas for dealing with challenges like calling out bad behaviour

  • Feel empowered to take charge of their own career development and be a cheerleader for other women

If none of these fits the bill, why not have Jenny perform Fully Made Up, her tailor-made interactive musical comedy show?


She can even do both – deliver a keynote on a topic of your choosing followed by her interactive comedy show, which is created just for your audience at your event. No two shows are the same!

Jenny Wynter 04-01.jpeg

Featured in

TEDx Brisbane - an independently organized TED event
The Today Show on Channel 9
612 ABC Brisbane and other ABC stations
The Courier Mail, Sunday Mail and magazine supplements
Mamamia - News, podcasts and video for women

Supercharge your team's connection

With hybrid working environments now the norm, it’s tough to build genuine connection in teams.

That’s the beauty of bringing in a speaker who can do it for you.


Once your co-workers have been serenaded by Jenny performing an impromptu musical comedy number, your team spirit will never be the same. 

The best part about Jenny’s style? She lifts up her audience and leaves them feeling better about the world – making sure they are never the butt of the joke.

"100% genius”... Jenny Wynter: Fully Made Up

Jenny’s tailor-made musical comedy show Fully Made Up will take your team’s connection to the next level.

Jenny creates a musical comedy show on the spot, driven entirely by the suggestions of the audience.

Before the show, audience members drop ideas into a suggestion box. During the performance, Jenny pulls these out one by one to spontaneously create a leading character and her life story. Each twist and turn is woven together from these suggestion cards.

It’s not even close to the same show twice.

And, because it’s all about your audience, crafted with your audience, it’s entirely relevant to your community, event, or business.

It’s never even close to the same show twice.

In the words of one audience member, “It’s a life-changing experience, you must do it!

Jenny Wynter 07-01.jpeg

Frequently asked questions

  • Jenny sounds great, but I work in a very traditional, conservative workforce. Are we the right fit?
    Jenny has a knack for connecting audiences, even in traditional, male-dominated industries where the audience can be jaded and wary of corporate speakers. She’s worked with leaders in the healthcare, finance, and IT industries, and uses humour as a way to get the audience to relax outside their comfort zone. As a professional stand-up comedian, nothing fazes Jenny. She has the confidence and emotional intelligence to work with any audience, even one that’s downright cynical!
  • How long is a typical keynote speech?
    Jenny has delivered keynotes anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes – she designs her keynote speeches to work around your schedule and fit in with your event and programme.
  • Where does Jenny deliver keynotes?
    While Jenny is based in Brisbane Meanjin, she is willing to travel nationally and internationally and has even performed in some remote communities within Australia. She also has a professional home studio set-up for Virtual Sessions delivered via Zoom, Teams or whichever virtual meeting platform your organisation prefers.
  • My workplace culture could be described as apathetic. How do I get audiences to sit up and pay attention, especially if they’re not interested in the topic?
    Fear not, my friend. Jenny started her early comedy days performing in front of audiences who had no desire to watch comedy, much less see a woman onstage! It doesn't phase her. In fact, she relishes the challenge of finding a way to connect with these audiences. Jenny uses all the tools at her disposal, from comedy to improv to sharp wit, to engage those audiences and get them to drop their defences. Against their best efforts, they’ve even been known to – shock, horror – enjoy themselves!
  • How do you create moments of connection for an online event? Do I need to book Jenny in person?
    It’s no great surprise that it’s easier to connect with the audience in person. But Jenny also has a secret superpower – a husband who’s a tech guru and IT consultant. He will connect with your tech team before the event to make sure everything goes smoothly, from lighting to sound to managing live audience questions.
Jenny Wynter 39-01.jpeg

Joy generator, audience connector, improv queen

We loved our time with Jenny. She tailored her show for our diverse corporate audience and over-delivered in terms of laughs. We particularly enjoyed the impromptu musical performance and interactive elements that made the audience feel included in the show.

Rebecca Emery
Humm group

Delivered as a virtual keynote, entirely online

Jenny was absolutely amazing for the full 45 minutes and we laughed to tears at all the improvs

Shruthi Kumar
Connell Griffin

Delivered as a hybrid keynote with in-person and online attendees

Jenny Wynter blew us away. We confirmed her as a speaker almost immediately … Jenny is a formidable, award-winning comedian and cabaret artist. … I knew she would be amazing, and she was. If you don’t yet know about the wondrous talent that is Jenny Wynter – do yourself a favour and catch a show. [Read more here]

Juanita Wheeler
Full & Frank

Delivered as a live keynote, with in-person attendees
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