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The Funny Mummies Writing Club


If you:

  • are tired of saying that you “want to write” but never seem to get around to it;

  • find yourself thinking about writing more than actually doing it;

  • know that if left to your own devices you’ll keep on faffing around;

  • want to step up and make yourself and your creativity a priority;  

    ...then welcome to your tribe!

The Funny Mummies Writing Club is run by Jenny Wynter and powered by Substack. All payments are secured using

Welcome to The Funny Mummies Writing Club!


And before you think ‘Oh wait, ‘Funny Mummies’ - I don’t know if I fit that bill!’ Rest assured:

You do not need to be funny. 

You do not need to write funny. 

All you need is to want to write.

Tap back into the FUN of writing, add accountability and watch your creativity soar!

This is the supportive cheer-squad
you didn't know you needed.

Come and be creative among like-minded souls who don’t take themselves too seriously and want to carve out some time for themselves to do something that fills their own cup!

We’re gonna write. 

We’re gonna kick goals. 

And most importantly, we’re going to have FUN while we’re doing it! 

The Funny Mummies Writing Club gives you access to

Live group writing sessions

In two online sessions per month, we’ll kick off with a quick pep talk, share our writing goals for the session then write side by side (or rather, screen by screen) to help us stay focused and on track. 

Independent writing sprints

At the allocated time each week, you check in with your goals, then report back after with how you went.

Dedicated Community

Ask questions, share insights, celebrate your wins.

Motivational Pep-talkS

Delivered straight to your inbox every Monday to help get your mojo flowing for the week ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the live writing sessions be? 

They're going to be at different days/times each month to allow for people's different people's schedules. We'll regularly update you with each month's session days and times. We'll adjust as we go forward to do our best to make sure everyone can make it regularly, no matter their schedule or timezone.


e.g. Our May sessions are locked in for: Tuesday May 14th 7.30pm - 9pm (AEST) / Thursday May 30th 10.30am - 12pm (AEST)

We will also be recording these - STRICTLY for the group's use only - so if you cannot make a session live, you can still tune in at a time that works for you (i.e. fake it. We all know how to do that am I right? WACKA WACKA! See what did I tell you? Come for the writing, stay for the comedy gold!)

When will the writing sprints be and how do they work?

The sprints will be every Wednesday - you post what your goal is, then set a timer and smash out your 30 minutes at a time that works for you, and once you’ve completed it you report back and receive all the congrats, pom pom shaking and validation that let's face it, we should get for everything. :) 

"Jump at any opportunity you can to work with Jenny! You'll be so glad you did!" 

Dr Jo Loth, Director of DramA

The National Theatre

I want IN! How much?


I want this to be CRAZY affordable. Like there’s-no-reason-not-to-do-it affordable.


Join before June 1st and you'll lock in our Foundational Members rate:  

$8 inc GST a month (that’s $2 a week!)



pay 12 months upfront for $80 inc GST (get 2 months free)


This price WILL be going up after June so this is your chance to get in on the ground level for cheap cheap cheap!



Whether you want to write:

A novel

A memoir

A play
A journal

A script


A live show


Or something else entirely...

This is your call to get accountability and support from a positive and uplifting group to help your creative musings out of your head and onto the page. I can't wait to see you in there! 

The Funny Mummies Writing Club is run by Jenny Wynter and powered by Substack. All payments are secured using

"Writing has always been something I struggle with... I’ve attempted to keep written journals, but I couldn't seem to find the words... Jenny really helped me break that cycle...(it) has finally helped my written voice emerge!"


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