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Want me to write for you? With you?

Whether you want your script polished, and the rough edges taking off your content, or assistance with structure and frameworks, I can help you.


Tone, pace, content and clarity, all with the right level of fun, humour and lightheartedness.


I can remain in the shadows, ghostwriting with you to help make you look good in the limelight.

Jenny Wynter Speaker in blue

Corporate Presentations

Keep your corporate content from being dry and feeling like it lasts an eternity.


Having a professionally polished framework, key points or an entire script will save you and your audience from Death By PowerPoint whether you are presenting to an internal all-hands Town Hall, your Annual General Meeting or an industry body.

Weddings and Speeches

Add an element of playfulness, lightheartedness and humour to the ceremony, or add some funny yo the reception speeches without filling the audience with groans.

Garden wedding

Awards and Recognition

Add humour to your company awards night and keep them upbeat, well paced, and well received. Polish your presentations and add shine to your speeches for an award winning event in its own right.

My recent clients have included working with a senior Queensland public servant celebrating a major departmental milestone.

ScriptED Content

Script editing, consulting, and "punch up".

Bring a touch of lightness to balance heavier topics, or to foster a connection with the audience for live performances or in pre-recorded pieces for YouTube or for Webinars and online training.

My own work has been performed in festivals and venues from New York and Melbourne, to Brisbane and the South Pacific, as well as taking me to the Writers' programme at Marseille Webfest. I have consulted on scripts that include topics such as male trauma and themes of abuse, helping to make the material accessible and manageable, without lessening the message.

Behind the Scenes
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