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Mental health speaker

Covering serious topics with a dose of humour

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You’ve paid the deposit for a conference venue, sorted catering, and organised the guest list. Then your boss asks you to book a speaker.

Find someone who has rave reviews. They need to make us laugh,” she says with a wave of her hand.

But in a way that makes everyone feel good about themselves.


You have to find a speaker who’s professional, but not so stilted that the audience gets bored.


Insightful, but not off-putting. 

Able to connect with the audience, but not smarmy.


Genuinely funny, but never using the audience as a punchline.

That is one tall order.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you.

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Mindset, burnout, and corporate culture

Jenny will teach your audience tangible strategies to shift mindset, mood and culture.

Having honed her funny bone through a grief-riddled childhood, Jenny’s on a mission to demonstrate the power of comedy.

She knows, first-hand, the power of laughter to relieve pain and stress and improve mental wellness – even during dark times.

Your audience will learn along the way – and laughter is the tool to help them get there.

If your workforce is feeling anxious and burnt out, you could book them an all-inclusive escape* to a wellness spa in the Maldives…

Deliver nitrous oxide through the air conditioning vents … 

OR book Jenny Wynter for a keynote.

*  If you do book an all-inclusive team escape, why not include Jenny in the booking? She's always wanted to do a keynote while wearing a sarong.

Live Events

Live events

Jenny Wynter in front of a virtual audience

Online events

Jenny Wynter in front of a hybrid live and virtual audience

Hybrid Events

Pre-recorded Content


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Most popular topics

Fun-Da-Mental Health


Forget sitting through another dry, boring presentation for Mental Health Week. Instead, this genuinely funny yet thought-provoking session is for workplaces that want to inspire their team to go beyond asking, "R U OK?" once a year, or paying lip service to an important issue with cupcakes.

By the end of this session, your team will: 

  • Feel lighter, uplifted and inspired

  • Have new ideas about tangible things they can do to proactively care for their own mental health

  • Think differently about the everyday impacts they can make on each other’s mental health

Burnt Out to Brilliant

A fun, energising and morale-boosting circuit breaker for workplaces dealing with high stress, burnout, or organisational change.

By the end of this session, your team will: 

  • Feel re-energised, relieved and inspired to take action

  • Think in new ways about the micro-impacts people have on each other and how to harness them for good

  • Have tangible strategies to improve their own people’s mindset, teamwork and productivity

Women's Empowerment: Blah Blah Blah! Can’t we move on already?

This hilarious and inspiring keynote draws from Jenny’s near-two-decades working in a male-dominated industry.


While it’s perfect for IWD events, it’s also a terrific inclusion any time of year if your workplace wants to improve its commitment to diversity and inclusion.


By the end of this session, your team will: 


  • Feel disarmed and relieved having had a good laugh

  • Have new ideas for dealing with challenges like calling out bad behaviour

  • Feel empowered to take charge of their own career development and be a cheerleader for other women

Fully Made Up


This spontaneous and fun musical comedy is made up on the spot, weaving audience suggestions together to create a hilarious and heartwarming show, tailored to your organisation and event.


At the end of this session, your people will walk away:

  • On a high having laughed their socks off

  • Feeling more connected to each other having helped create a one-off show that only they were there to witness

  • Marvelling at magical onstage moments with their own colleagues as guest-stars

  • With a common experience to reminisce and laugh about long after the curtains close

Choose your own adventure keynote


Not sure what your audience needs? Tell us about your workplace culture, and we’ll give you some ideas.

Jenny Wynter 35

See Jenny in action

Joy generator, audience connector, improv queen

Jenny was absolutely fantastic. It also hit a few people in the feels and they loved the messaging, [especially] the wellbeing aspect

Lisa Warren
Hunter Water

Jenny Wynter in front of a live audience

Jenny delivered a spellbinding performance with her singing and comedy mixed with moments of poignant tenderness

PeakCare Awards 2021

Jenny Wynter in front of a live audience

Jenny will bring hilarity, showmanship, and presence that will ensure your audience not only have a good time but feel welcome, relaxed and engaged.

Paul Adams
Producer, The Matilda Awards

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