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Keynote speaker on mental health, leadership and mindset

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Jenny is an experienced keynote speaker, focusing on mental health, leadership, diversity, and mindset.

As an added bonus, she also has two decades of experience as a comedian.

This means your team will laugh while they learn.

They’ll be guaranteed to have a good time, with no Dad jokes in sight.

The best bit? You might just hear an improvised musical comedy number – one that Jenny makes up on the spot specifically for your audience.

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Using laughter as medicine: the doctor is in!

Jenny has won international awards for her comedy and cabaret*, and has been awarded multiple grants to hone her comedy and improv skills. 

But this isn’t what drives her.

There’s a common thread that runs through Jenny’s work – and that’s using humour as medicine.

Harnessing laughter as a tool to lift spirits, connect audiences, and make sure we don’t take life too seriously.

Jenny knows first-hand that kindness and laughter have a ripple effect. One that spreads beyond her performance and into homes, families, and workplaces.

It’s this desire to spread joy and laughter that inspires everything she does.

* Not to be confused with burlesque or Moulin Rouge. Don't worry... “Cabaret” simply means that Jenny blends music, singing, and comedy.

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110% joy generator

Everybody Now once described Jenny as a 110% Joy Generator. Quite frankly, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

This inspired her work as a Clown Doctor to bring joy and laughter to ill children in hospital.

It inspired her to found Funny Mummies™, a vibrant online community and touring stand-up comedy gala, which aims to improve mothers’ mental wellness through laughter.

And it definitely inspires her to deliver keynote speeches which leave her audience feeling lighter and a little bit more joyful.

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Are we a good fit?

Jenny is perfect if you want:

  • A professional comedian, not a professional speaker who’s used ChatGPT to shoehorn some “jokes” into their speech

  • A high-energy speaker who will re-energise your workplace

  • The best facial workout in town*

  • A one-of-a-kind, unforgettable keynote

  • To bring connection and spark back to your team


* In other words, your face will hurt from laughing so hard

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Our values

Jenny believes in bringing her values to every single client interaction – from the first time you speak with her, right through to her performance, tech set up, and event follow up. While each speaking engagement and tailor-made musical comedy show is unique, you can bet on a few things:


Life is stressful enough. So when you book Jenny for your event, get set to laugh till your face hurts.


Jenny will bring the fun, irreverence and playfulness – you bring the willingness to laugh and an open mind.

Bold creativity

Nothing worthwhile was ever created by playing it safe.


Jenny has an unquenchable thirst for creating magical moments on stage - such as comedy songs created on the spot for YOUR people - being brave and encouraging imaginations to run wild.


Jenny’s performances are infused with heart, warmth and kindness.


She’s a generous and encouraging performer and you can be sure that she’ll never use the audience as a punchline.


It’s great to laugh yourself silly.


But Jenny’s reason for performing is bigger than this – it’s about making an impact and leaving a legacy, hoping her audience will leave feeling a bit lighter, kinder and more optimistic about the world.

Jenny Wynter 07-01.jpeg

Joy generator, audience connector + improv queen

I’m not exaggerating when I say she possesses a rare combination of stage presence, wit, intelligence and honesty – [one] I don’t come across too often.

Michael Pollock, director of Second City L.A.

When you combine the intelligence of someone like Jenny Wynter with her incredible wit and engaging personality, you have the perfect performance. There is no denying Jenny has a gift – and she doesn’t hide it!

Marita Ramia, Communications & Community Engagement Manager, Fairholme College

Taking the cake is Jenny’s improv skills. When a performer takes great enjoyment in delighting their audience, you know the show is going to be good.

Rip It Up Mag

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