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Links of the Week (or “You mean there’s more to cyberspace than ME?!”)

Dustin Hoffman and Lawrence Olivier. I believe the correct term is "Fyeah." (Image courtesy of

I’ve been making some headway on nutting out the bones of this sitcom. FINALLY! I’ll quite likely be procrastinating in ways that are deceptively helpful, such as these cool links to screenwriting blogs.

The kids are begging me to get organised for Halloween (a hangover from our Canadian life). Am trying to muster up the energy for it, which, if I do, may involve these cool tidbits, namely cos they’re printable and the less effort and more finger-pressing-on-keyboard-to-look-successful, the better.

This blog post SOOOOOOO makes me wanna go to England!!! Note: this is quite possibly due to the focus on cupcakes.

I am so loving “How To Be A Retronaut.” They feature the most amazing stuff, not the least of which is He-man Hipsters. See it. Believe it. Dig.

And finally, I am a SUCKER for famous people hanging out. This gallery is beyond rock’n’RAWL!

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