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Diamante Soothers and Fundraising Heroes!

You know how some weekends it feels like you’ve just gotten NOTHING accomplished at all, whereas others you jam-pack with so much crazy that you wind up in need of another weekend immediately just to recover?

Yeah. Me too.

This weekend was NOT either one of those, in fact it feels like for once, we actually got the balance right. Can it be? As time goes on I’m giving up on the idea of balance being a sustainable ideal, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it when it actually finds us! The past two days were a perfect combination of fluffing around the house, bits of housework (the lawn got mown: squee!), pottering, doing some last minute Father’s Day shopping for my hubbster, then a spontaneous trip to Brissie where our whole family crashed with my great friend Sal. While our kids rocked out on guitar hero and the high of a spontaneous sleepover, we adults stayed up obscenely late laughing harder than I have in MONTHS just chatting and watching largely unhealthy doses of reality television. Oh my. As one who doesn’t have a television by choice, can I just say that I’m really not sure what disturbs me more: the evening news, or “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.”

Seriously, I SAW A FIVE-YEAR-OLD SUCKING ON A DIAMANTE DUMMY, PEOPLE. I may never recover. Oh hang on, I simply MUST find this thing and show you, so you may share in my disturbance:

I’m sorry. Are you okay? Because I’m not. Please hold me.

Frankly, if you have to opt for an out-of-the-box soother, I prefer this:

Are you getting the full effect here?


Hang on, how about now?

Gosh darn it, I think I’ve gone and cured my cluckiness!

Okay, so before I disappear into a cyber-vortex of bizarre baby-soothing paraphernalia – as you can see, I’m frighteningly close to the edge – I’ve got a couple of quick announcements!

1. The gigs page is updated!

2. I have added a new page to this site, a DA DA DA DA! Fundraising Supporters’ Hall of Fame! Frankly, I’m surprised that my first hall of fame in cyber-space is not just an array of narcissistic snaps of me perfecting my cheesy gape – those will remain in my impressive private collection – but rather, tis a little tribute of sorts to the wondrous peeps who have so generously supported to the fundraising effort thus far. TRULY TOUCHED. Thank you!

Phew! Now. Must not google anything further to do with soothers. Must not…



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