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Reminding The Kids that Christmas (and Life!) is Not Just About Them!

I really want my kids to grow up knowing that they are incredibly privileged even just by way of having a roof over their head, food in the cupboard and a family that loves them and can be there for them and that they thereby have a responsibility to do what they can for people who aren’t so lucky.

As such, each year before Christmas we get the kids to:

a) donate a good chunk of their toys to local op shops; and b) do something that’s not about THEM! (Note, no moral highground to claim here, we do more than our fair share of shameless spoiling with far-too-much-crap as the next person!)

This year we’ve opted for the Kids in Care Christmas Appeal. It’s such a small thing to do, but I think, a hugely important one. For the child on the receiving end obviously, but also for our own kids to be part of.

Amidst the insanity of all the Christmas sales displays, we wandered into our local shopping centre and I explained to them that they were to pick out a present they thought would be awesome, and that it would be going to a child we would never meet but who it would mean a lot to, given that their life was pretty tough right now. They seemed to take it in, asked a few questions and finally agreed on a dinosaur playset (pictured above). Rock.

I really hope it sinks in.

If they grow up to be people who think, care and try to help out others, then I will be boasting from a rooftop. You know, if I can be bothered climbing up on one.

You can find more information on the Kids in Care Christmas Appeal and how to donate here.

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