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So Jen, how did the Mombiewalk go?

Everything hurts.

Kicking off from the ABC Radio studios, where I chatted about this nutty plan and comedy stuff with the lovely Spencer Howson, Friday saw us spend almost 8 hours around the streets of Brisbane with a prammed-up puppet accepting gold coin donations down her gullet.

We were very sensible – I had my back strapped, we factored in lots of breaks for stretching and resting and with the help of fellow comedian Damian Cosgriff, we were supplied at checkpoints with water, snacks and encouragement!

So, how did it go? Well, we got lots of strange looks, met tons of lovely old gentlemen – the most enthusiastic puppet-feeders of them all, it turns out – but…not a ton of cash.

Two adorable gents we met in the Valley.

Note to self: in future, don’t try to raise $ by gold coin donations. Unless you have a sizeable team of minions.

But the point is, WE DID IT. And I’m pleased to report that last night we finally passed the $8000 mark thanks to a couple of last minute donations, and with that, I am happy. I have done everything I can. I’m done. Now to move on to my regular schedule of avoiding the vacuum cleaner and shamelessly self promoting.


THIS WEDNESDAY! (Note: I think cabaret seats have sold out already but there are theatre tickets still available). Really hope to see you there and clink champagnes afterwards! 🙂

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