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Bringing Humour and Heart to Hard Topics

Jenny Wynter will make you laugh, cry and feel better about the world

Imagine booking a professional keynote speaker who looks good on paper – and then actually delivers in a way that leaves your people laughing, uplifted and talking about how great the day was.

Someone who doesn't just speak their material, but performs it with a lighthearted, fun vibe, and has the substance to back it up.

Your audience sits up and pays attention. They laugh. And then laugh some more.

You give yourself an internal high five because one thing is clear – the audience is having a rollicking good time.

Jenny Wynter 45a

Not your average cookie-cutter speaker

We’ve all sat in keynote speeches where the audience switches off immediately.

The speaker might look like a “hell yes!” on paper. But they’re dry and boring in real life.

If this sounds familiar, we’ve got you.


Enter, Jenny Wynter.

Jenny is an award-winning comedian, keynote speaker and mental health advocate.

From dusty outback towns to glittering stages in New York, she has trodden the boards around the world.

She’s been a professional stand-up comedian for nearly two decades – meaning comedy is her second day job, one that’s taken her to the US, Canada, and the UK to perform.

She’s also a 2 x TEDx speaker, improvisational tour de force, and author.

Oh, and did we mention she’s the founder of Funny Mummies, a former Clown Doctor, and screenwriter?


She brings new meaning to the term “multi-hyphenate”


Learning through laughter

A Jenny Wynter keynote is like an immediate morale booster for your team, injecting humour, energy and compassion into your event.

Jenny has a rare ability to weave serious topics with hilarious and heart-warming stories.

Her audience learns about mental health, leadership, diversity or mindset along the way. 

And then leaves feeling lighter, kinder, and more connected.

Each Jenny Wynter keynote – whether a live or online event – is high-energy, thought-provoking, and a one-of-a-kind experience.


Shifting mood and culture -
with a wallop of laughter

Whether Jenny is performing a one-woman show, improvised cabaret, or keynote speech, there are a few things you can count on. You will:

  • Leave feeling energised and inspired. (Psst: If you book Jenny for a corporate event, your whole workplace will be reinvigorated.)

  • Be in stitches from laughter – and then hear something that will make you look at the world in a different way.

  • Feel more connected to the audience, whether they’re friends, colleagues, or family.

  • See unique, spontaneous moments of connection. Jenny has a rare and
    innate ability to make other people shine.

Jenny Wynter 50-01.jpeg

Trusted by

Australian Services Union
Northern NSW Local Health District

Jenny Wynter in action


Book a Jenny Wynter keynote and expect the unexpected.


Forget the idea of a stuffy corporate snoozefest. Instead, get ready for a vibrant, high-energy speaker who’ll lift the mood, connect your team, and have your audience smiling for days.


Jenny is an internationally award-winning comedian, cabaret artist, actor and screenwriter.


Having trained with some of the world’s best improv and comedy teachers, she blends stand-up with improvised musical cabarets to deliver heart-warming hilarity. 

Speak Up Sister!

Whether you’re pitching to new clients, networking, or speaking on a stage, confidence is key.


The good news? It’s a skill that can be taught. This empowering 6-week course teaches you how to channel your energy for good and become a confident speaker. Spoiler alert: you might just learn to enjoy it!

Jenny Wynter 07-01.jpeg

Joy generator, audience connector and improv queen

Jenny is one remarkable woman! She can make you cry, laugh and reflect on the meaning of living in what feels like a split second and then let you walk away with hope

 Jacinta Felsch
NSW Health

We LOVE working with Jenny! She is warm and personable with her audiences, quick-witted, inclusive, and yes, very very funny

Kate Baggerson
Everybody Now

She spoke with a confidence and engaging authenticity that had the entire room hanging on every word, in fits of laughter and impacted for the better.

Jesica Ndenda
The Belle Evolution

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