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Your Questions Answered! Installment #1

Alrighty, as promised, it’s the all-new question time! It’s the first one now, so brace yourself: here we go!

Dear, darling Comic Mummy reader Isabel asks:

…when something breaks why does it take so long to heal?

Ah indeed. There are several points to ponder here.

1. This was not the kinda question I was anticipating i.e. one that treats me like an all-knowing, omnipresent being with answers to the secrets of the known universe.

2. In response to answering the question itself, I have no idea.

3. But neither of the above have ever stopped me before.

So excuse me while I put my BS wisdom cap on:

Right, let’s do this thang.

When something breaks, be it:

a) a heart; b) a limb; c) a dinner plate; d) Mummy’s sanity; or e) all of the above…

…the point is that a ‘quick fix’ as it were, would mean that what was broken was not actually all that important.

We, sadly, darling reader, live in a day and age where speed is all, convenience is paramount and every gidget, gazmet and other g-words are spewed forth upon the shelves all in the name of making our life ‘easier’, ‘more efficient’ and ‘faster.’

But this simply robs us of the truth: that there is nothing in the world that can beat SLOW. (Irony not intended.)

In my world, there is nothing sweeter than:

A slow backrub. A slow treadmill. A slow toddler.

So my dear, the next time you smash that favourite teapot and curse the heavens for the time it will take to heal that sucker, just remember the words of Britney Spears: “Baby, all I need is time.”

Or failing that, Lady Gaga: “BLAH BLAH OH BLAH BLAH.”

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