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Wanted: You! (Or: “There’s a red carpet with my name on it. But only if you carve it on

Okay so with the full fanning flag of support from friends like my darling Kate and Elaine, (yes, two words of encouragement, that’s all I need to get the snowball tumbling) I’ve entered this competition to interview celebs on the red carpet. DAAAAAHLING!

You know, after some initial wondering, now I think I’d actually freaking love it. Especially if they just let me go crazy and put my own comedic spin on things. You know, dress up in celeb inspired outfits, spew forth ridiculous improvised rants with the starlet of choice, and instead of taking the whole thing too seriously, just have fun by letting loose my own special brand of nut-bag.

I had to create a stage name for the application: after much deep, dark and deranged soul-searching, I came up with Jen-Jen. Well, rather, my darling cousin Alice came up with it somewhere in our early childhood and while it used to irritate me, I now actually kinda love it. Maybe cos it makes me feel younger in a way that Neutrogena just can’t.

Anyway, do you wanna join my cheersquad? If so, I’d love to have you. I’ll send you cyber-kisses and chocolate and you know, stunning non-verbal displays of endearment.

You can vote for me here.


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