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Things To Do With Kids in Brisbane: Get Thee To The Abbey Museum!

My little girl in a low budget ad for stranger danger? WRONG, silly! We're at the Abbey Museum! Oh YOU!

Though my grandma always tells me not to tell people, lest I be suddenly the subject of some sort of medieval ages type prejudice from the sins of the forefathers, apparently our family is in possession of Viking blood.

Perhaps that – or just a fondness for headwear with horns – was behind my immediate compulsion to take the kids to the Abbey Museum when I saw their advertised “Family Fun Viking Week!” Yes! If nothing else is gonna make me feel like Mother of the Millennium, it’s blowing an ivory horn while wearing shiny stuff!

I decided to surprise the kids, not telling them where we were going, so as to spring the amazing awesome on them for maximum effect.

We turned into the museum.

“WHAT?” they groaned. “A museum?” Insert enough whining to make Mummy start staring at the array of blunt axes with a dangerous glint in her eye.

That is, until we walked into the actual museum itself, where shortly after being christened with their new names…

Rechristened for the day!

I took great pleasure in pronouncing this all day with a rolling "R"!

…the kids were handed weapons.


Awww...Holger's first axe. Bless.

I love how he looks actually sliced in half in this one!

Suddenly, Mummy’s lame idea turned into the MOST. COMPLETELY. AWESOME. THING. EVER.

The Abbey Museum, as it turns out, makes a real effort to not just be a museum of the “come in and stare at shizz” variety, but of the “come and interact with things, do stuff, handle bits, dress up, make props, get into it!” kind that pint-sized (and not-so-pint-sized) tikes really do love.

For a day, they became knights. Archers. Shield makers. Archeologists.

Being instructed in the art of archaeology!

Sifting up a storm.

Receiving sage-like instruction from the local village wise man.

Sigrunn Hood

They don't mess around here. The kids take aim at an ACTUAL KNIGHT!

Even Mister 7 got into the beading: I proudly wear this necklace of lovely from my Viking offspring.

Painting their shields. I was overtaken by a desire to come up with a family crest.

And ultimately, they became Mummy fans.

As we drove away, I turned to Mister 7.

“See?” I said. “I told you you’d like it!”

“I didn’t like it,” he said.

“Huh?” I said.

“I LOVED it!”

This viking Mama was just a little bit chuffed.

*This is not a sponsored post. We simply rocked up and did it and loved it. Note that these activities were part of a special Family Fun Viking Week, for deets on what else is going on week to week at the Abbey Museum you’d be best to check their website. I do know they have a rocking Medieval Festival mid-year, preceded by a special one-day festival event focused on the kiddies which we will almost certainly be at!

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