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Things to Do With Kids in Brisbane: Get Thee and Thy Brood to GOMA!

Mmmm. Colour. Sugar.

In an effort to be at least mildly useful in this here life, I’m gonna occasionally be posting some stuff about, as the title suggests, “Things To Do with Kids in Brisbane.”

I might as well call it “Things I Do With Kids in Brisbane.” Or rather, “Things I Have Just Done With Kids and Photographed The Living Bejinkers Out Of In Brisbane”. Or, just “Instagram. Dawwwg.”

Anyhoo, in case I haven’t already told you, the might fine folks at the Queensland Art Gallery and GOMA recruit me, on occasion, to help out with some of their incredible kids’ programs. I have been doing this for many years now and I love it with a deep passion I would normally only reserve for anything smothered in dark chocolate.

As a result, all of my kids have spent much time enjoying the incredible array of visual and other sensory delights on offer at both galleries. This past weekend I was presenting some kids’ tours of “Yayoi Kusama’s Look Now, See Forever” which is just…well. Mind-blowing. If giant balloons and infinite layers of polka-dots don’t float your boat then please stop reading because clearly we cannot be friends.

A polka dotted PIANO? PIANO?!?!???!! I am weeping with joy right now.

You can play it AND smother it with dots! Is there nothing impossible in this world?

Part of the Yayoi Kusama exhibition is the room in which the above pictured piano is in. It is called “The Obliteration Room” and as you go in, you are handed a sheet of polka dots to do with as you like. Coat them on the mirrors, on the couches, on the floor…plus I believe there is a camera taking time lapse footage of the entire thing, which should look GAAAAHHHHMMMAAAZZING! So much fun, my daughter and I battled it out for the title of “She Who Is Most Enamoured.”

You must GO!!! Deets on the amazing kids’ programs are over here.

Any suggestions on adventures in Brisvegas (or indeed, other places, us being the occasionally travelling brood that we are!) to have with kid lets that I should embark on, photograph and post about? Shoot em through!

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