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The Canadian Aussie Birthday

Okay, okay, so this photo is now 2 months old, but given that at the time we were just post-accident and hospital stay and without internet access (oh, how I have missed you, let me count the ways!!) then I feel more than a little justified putting these up now. Firstly, because we did very, very little to celebrate our littlest one’s 1st birthday so in my mind, a little strutting in cyberspace cannot be a bad thing. Secondly (and more importantly), because my cake – collapsing as it was – totally rocked it.

Heck yeah.

In fact, here’s another angle, just so you can really lap it up.

Oh yes.

Our little munchkin is coping much, much better this week with his broken little appendage. He’s discovering lego, blocks and little toys and lapping them up like they’re made of chocolate. I’m actually beginning to think that maybe this awful turn of events may end up resulting in a massive leap in his brain development. Perhaps he’ll be a genius engineer or something – or you know, worst case scenario, even if he ends up broke and in the gutter, at least he’ll be able to make cool stuff out of collected paddle pop sticks.


My boy. Oh how I LURVE him.

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