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“The Bum and I.”

This pic taken inside a funky West End cafe. If there's a connection between this image and this story, it's probably cos you made it.

I was reminded of a moment from my past today, upon reading this gorgeous post at Edenland.

I responded in the comments so thought I’d share the story with you.

I was living in Sydney and had just found out I was pregnant that week, completely out of the blue and in far from ideal circumstances. Broke. Single. Jobless. It had been a rollercoaster ride of a few days, calling my sister, my friends, my ex-fiance, counsellors, asking for advice, mulling it over, drowning in hormonal angst…then that Saturday, I did something that took me completely by surprise: I made the decision to have the baby.

I was walking down the street with my friend when this homeless guy sitting there asked for some spare change. I said “sorry mate,” but then stopped and went back to him. “I don’t have any money, but…do you smoke?”

“Yeah!” he said.

“Here.” I handed him my near-full packet of tobacco, rolling papers, filters and a lighter as he thanked me.

My friend piped in: “She’s just found out she’s pregnant.”

“Aw!” he said, smiling up at me. “CONGRATULATIONS!”

He was the first person to actually respond to the news in any positive manner whatsoever.

And I’ll never forget it.

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