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Jen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Thank you once again to everybody who took the time and effort to give me some feedback on the blog. I’m so inspired, tremendously so actually, to give Comic Mummy HQ an overhaul both in design and content. THANK YOU!!!

One thing I found really interesting was that there seems to be a FAQ about how to do this creative/parenting combo gig. I’ll do my best to share some thoughts on this more regularly for shizzle! Very cool. If you do have a SPECIFIC question/thought you’d like me to blog about, then please do send it through and help me fulfil my childhood dream of being an agony aunt.

We just got back from our outback trip which was a fantastic time to catch up with my dear high-school BFF Lou and her gorgeous fam. Some big decisions are being made over here on the personal and business front, so it was a brilliant time to chat with her about it all, she who has known me well for over twenty years now and get her take and I feel glimpses of clarity! Such a bonus to the trip. The rain did absolutely nothing to deter my munchkins from riding their hearts out on the four-wheeler motorbike. I wish I had one. I think I could convince my kidlets to do anything I asked if I had that little carrot to dangle in front of them as a reward.

“Eat your veges and you can take it for a spin.” “Clean up your room and I’ll let you take it into third gear.” “Bow down and sing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and you can go practice wheelies.”

Every home should have one.

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