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Creativity Carnival, The Courier Mail and other tid-bits

A bit more of my Halloween costume. I think I was a pirate Mummy.


My innards are back in their proper place and thus able to just get that little bit fluttery excited to celebrate my inclusion in Musehunting’s Creativity Carnival. Go check it out, it’s suitably spiffy.

I’ve been asked to MC tonight at Albion Comedy Club – apparently it’s sold out so I’m really only mentioning it on here to share, rather than induce ticket-selling riots. But there you go.

In other news, had an interview this week with a lovely lady from The Courier Mail about the upcoming launch of my improv company Gumball Theatre. We spoke for over an hour, compared nerve damage injury stories and chatted all things comedy, improv and combinations thereof. Twas lovely. Will keep you posted once the article is published!

Also have some cool tid-bits in store as the launch gets closer (it’s Friday November 26th – you can find deets over here) so you know. Hats. Hold em. And all that.

Have a stupefyingly lovely weekend. xxx

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