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Jenny Wynter - Keynote Speaker For Health & Allied Services

More than any other sector in this post-pandemic world, the health and allied services are suffering burnout, stress and overwhelm. Having seen medical professionals up close in her work as a Clown Doctor, Jenny makes a personal connection with her audience. Her keynotes are a unique experience for any healthcare, medical or associated audience.

As an internationally award-winning performer Jenny has honed her skills and techniques to speak with humour and heart on the topics of Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Mental Health, to people facing stress, burnout and loss of motivation.

Hilarious, energetic and fun-filled, her keynotes are known for shifting the mood, and cracking people up with humour while cracking them open with heart and real strategies for supporting them in moving forward while they support those they care for.

Jenny Wynter is an in-demand keynote speaker who has worked with organisations as diverse as the leading biotech laboratory, CSL through to professional associations such as the Optometrists Association of Australia and front line staff like the Northern NSW Midwives Conference. As an advocate and keynote speaker, Jenny has worked with engagement hubs like Mindcare Gladstone and Family Planning Queensland.

Raised by her elderly grandmother, with a blended family of six children - including five teenagers - and five years behind the nose as a Clown Doctor in Queensland, Jenny Wynter has "lived experience" like you would not believe.

Gladstone Mindcare
Optometrists Association Australian - Queensland and Northern Territory
Peak Care Queensland

Jenny is one remarkable woman! She can make you cry, laugh and reflect on the meaning of living in what feels like a split second and then let you walk away with hope

Jacinta Felsch
NSW Health

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Are your people overdue for a joy injection? This morale boosting, energy-fuelled and entertaining session will re-energise your people and get them inspired to go from burned out to fired back up again! 

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An interactive, fun and humorous session to get your team inspired and primed to do their most creative and innovative work with boldness and confidence.

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Mindset Mojo

A hilarious, hopeful and energising session designed to bust self-doubt, self-sabotage and other habits that stop us from bringing our best selves to our work. This fun keynote includes real strategies to help you and your people show up with confidence, positivity and self esteem.

Find Jenny Wynter on LinkedIn
Uniting Care
Family Planning Queensland
NNSW Health Local Health District
Jenny Wynter is a TedX Speaker
Jenny Wynter has appeared on Channel 9's Today Show
Jenny Wynter appears on ABC Radio Brisbane
Jenny Wynter has written for the Courier Mail and Sunday Mail
Jenny Wynter has written for MamaMia
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