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You’ve lost that blogging feeling…

Stop the serenading now, please…I get it.

I suck. I’m terrible. You’ve all been tearing your hair out, jumping up and down and hosing down your bedroom walls with tomato sauce purely to spite me. Why, oh why, have I left it this long between blogs?

Well, my dears, there is one main reason for the state of things this week (incidentally, the title of one of my all-time favourite songs):

1. We have been uprooted from our home for the past week, vacating it so that my brother’s girlfriend Sammy could have her family stay for the week of festival-like celebrations that marked her 21st birthday. I could write a lot more about this, but won’t.

This is my dilemma – I WANT to write so many things on this blog but then can’t, cos I’ve learned the hard way that assuming the people you’re writing about won’t ever stumble across said entry in cyberspace is as stupid as assuming that leaving a bottle of shaving cream on the bathroom floor won’t be discovered and subsequently played with gleefully by your resident small children. Not that I’ve done that. Moving on.

I’m seriously thinking about keeping this blog for the generic ‘wacka wacka’ type entries on life, pop culture and funny comedic anecdotes, and moving the more personal or specific things I wish to blog about elsewhere. Not that I need another commitment in my life, but I do need an outlet. I’ll keep you posted – if you’re keen, comment or e-mail me and I’ll be sure to let you in on the new ‘secret’ blog. So long as you’re not freaky.

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