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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Yesterday – reunited with family. Our reunion started with a ride on the merry go round at Fox Studios. Needless to say, the kids are VERY impressed with Sydney.

Today – dropping our van out at my friends’ place in Mulgoa (near Penrith: a farm, very pretty) so it doesn’t get its windows smashed in at our Glebe abode. We’ve spent the time drinking copious amounts of red wine (today Ella asked me “why do you adults like drinking so much of the red drink?” and swimming in the dam. Not in that order. Hence, I’m still here.

Tomorrow – catching the train into the City. Hoping to do the ferry ride thing and possibly a visit to the Zoo.

Beyond – back to The Glass House, where things look to get a bit more exciting – we’re doing a read-through with the guys, then Tuesday is rehearsal at ABC studios, then of course, the recording that night!


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