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Wanted: loud-laughing audience members for my CD RECORDING!

Hooray! I’m FINALLY getting my a into g and recording my first live set for my first live CD for my first live stab at entering the world of merchandising. So come on down, it should be…live.

And if that’s not cool enough, it’s going to recorded at the Comedy Gala fundraising festivities for that station dear to my heart…Triple Zed.

Dig it.

So please, do drag yourself along and be part of the live audience – not only will you be in my good books for life but your laughter will be eternally on-record. And here’s a tip – if you’ve heard my songs a billion times, then please…just come along, fake amnesia (or pop a rohypnol) and laugh as loud as humanly possible anyway.


Where: Sit Down Comedy Club, Given Tce, Paddington

When: Next Wednesday 13th September, 8pm

Cost: $10 (or $8 Zed subscribers)

Who: Featuring Josh Thomas, Nish, Bart Freebairn, Hooray for Everything, Alan Rutlege and more…

Book: 3369 4499 or tix @ door (if there’s any left)

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