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Videos from our Sydney shoot are UP, yo!!

So you guys remember how for a very short period of time back there I lived the jet-setting dream (i.e. flew somewhere) with my littlest, to shoot some vids for a company which I couldn’t yet reveal the deets of, right?

Right? RIGHT??!

Come on, I know you’re just sitting there twiddling your thumbs and chewing off your elbows, counting down the seconds for the very next revelation of the incidental details of my life. Right? RIGHT?

Fine, it is at this point that I yell at you the same thing I yelled at my husband right before he lodged the restraining order became my husband: “WHY WON’T YOU STALK ME??!”

Anyhoo, point is the vids are now online!

You can check out me and/or the Cass-meister…

Here and if you’re still going all Natalie Portman…

We’d like to thank the Academy…

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