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Tri, Tri, Tri Again

I used to think #triathlon shenanigans were a bit weird to share on my comedy flavoured socials… but I actually think that doing physically weird/challenging things has hugely influenced my creative life.

Pushing through the “agghhhhhhhhh” of doing exercise has made me so much better at pushing through the “aaaggghhhhhh” of writing.

Overcoming inertia helps overcome inertia etc. Also doing stuff like this as a team with beautiful mates makes it SO MUCH BETTER. Final also: I am so incredibly grateful to have a body that allows me to do stuff like this. I have mates who don’t and I’ve had chapters where I didn’t (hello BREAKING TWO FEET AT ONCE).

I’m extremely privileged and today made me feel chuffed as The Goblin King’s left gonad.

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