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The first Comic Mummy Renovation Rescue! (Kinda)

In the Beginning

My daughter’s dresser looked like this.


…a naughty pixie with nothing better to do, broke in and did this.

It reads "because I wanted to. I know it's not good is it?" Yes. My child the graffiti freaking genius.

And so it was…

…that a makeover was in order.

Now, when I suggested this, what I had in mind was something quaint and colourful. Something like this.

So when I spotted Little Miss setting forth with her Wednesday Adams-like shenanigans creative thunder, my first impulse was to stop her. I believe I even let out a little “eeeeeeeeeerrrrr”. You know the one. The sound of a hobbit swallowing his self-esteem in the face of the elf queen. Or something.

But then I caught myself.

I stopped. Walked away. And just let her do her thing.


You see, I’m so envious (there’s that word again. Le sigh) of her completely uninhibited approach to creating. She doesn’t think. She just does. She doesn’t waste time worrying about whether it’s going to work out. Whether she’s going to get it all horribly wrong. Because she knows – without even KNOWING that she knows – that there is no “horribly wrong”. It’s paint. If it stuffs up, just keep going!

Man. Have I exceeded my profound quota this week or what?

I know. Revolutionary. Kids are uninhibited.

Hold onto your cupcakes, girls!

And in the end there was…


You know, it’s absolutely NOT what I would have even contemplated doing, but…


… she did stick sequins on the knobs. Maybe she is a chip off the old block after all.

Goshdarnit Bobby Lee, I think it’s actually growing on me!

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