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The Comedian and The Interpreter (or From Good Intentions to Action!)

The wonderful Ruth Sullivan interpreting the fabooshy Tripod boys at Woodford Folk Festival.

You know when you have an idea of the “that would be so cool if…” variety but then it just kinda disappears into the ether? Well, that’s kinda what happened last Woodford Folk Festival, when the fabulous Auslan interpreter Ruth Sullivan and I connected on (and off) the comedy stage.

We had so much fun doing our thing together – I absolutely LOVE what interpreting brings to the performance, indeed you can read what Adam Hills wrote about it (far more eloquently than I) over here – that we floated off into the Woodford breeze, making exclamations about how cool it would be to work together again. Soon! But as life does, it got in the way, and nothing really came of those very best intentions/wishes.

Until now!

Ruth got in touch to let me know she was coming to see my show at Brisbane Powerhouse and I was stoked. But thick as I am, it took me a good 24 hours to actually realise “Hang on! We said we were going to do this thing together again. Let’s just FREAKIN DO IT!”

And there it is.

It’s a-happening.

And I do hope that our current future wishes/intentions of conquering the world together do likewise!

So excited!

Tonight and tomorrow at Brisbane Powerhouse 8pm. Some tix still available here. 

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