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Star-Struckedness, The Comedy Store and Kitty Flanagan

Man, yesterday rocked the kazbah.

During another day full of more joke-writing (which, by the way, is working wonders for my ability to push past writers’ block), I was actually in the same room as Scott Hicks. That may or may not mean anything to you, but the point is, he’s the director of Shine, one of my all-time favourite films and if this had been ten years ago the sight of him would have made me lactate.


I’m guessing that he and Pip Karmel (Shine editor: spotted yesterday: update – I actually met her and introduced myself today!!) are working on a film together here. I know, I know, I’m Sherlock Holmes.

Update: I’m pretty sure the film is called “No Reservations” starring Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Anyway, after that sugary high, I ventured off to kill time at Fox Studios before my gig at The Comedy Store. I hung out, had a beer, rang the fam (who wasn’t there 🙁 ) rang my Mum (who was there 🙂 ) and wrote a bit of my own stuff.

Then…onto The Comedy Store. Ah, what a room. I officially want to move in.

First, there was the delight of reuniting with my old uni pal Steve, who I haven’t seen in nine years. He’d apparently tracked me down online, seen the gig on tonight and decided to come along. Serious spin outage.

We chatted, and then I headed backstage to get ready. What can I say? The room rocked. I had a brilliant time, a brilliant crowd and a brilliant beer when I clocked off. Had a nice little chat to Kitty Flanagan (whose intro as ‘one of the best female comedians in Australia’ almost certainly didn’t need the ‘female’ qualification: she just plain rules) who shared with me a bit about comedy in the UK. At the risk of sounding clichéd, I just found her incredibly friendly and unpretentious – both qualities I’m coming to value more and more.

So tonight it’s onto the Mic in Hand – my last Sydney stand-up gig for the tour.

Then Friday, I’m finally being reunited with my gorgeous hubby and kiddlies!!!!!!!!!!

Life is looking good.

I surrender: I am a walking cliché.

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