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Some Changes Are Coming To Comic Mummy

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Blogging, yo.

Ever since I took to the streets – of cyberspace that is, paved as they are with glittery mountain dew – and asked for feedback on this blog, I’ve been taking some time to reflect on your responses and with those as a starting point, clarify exactly where I want to take things.

The thing is, as much as I dig blogging just whatever-the-heck-I-feel-like when I rock up here, it’s not a particularly well thought out or effective way of getting better. Of moving forward.  There was one hunch I’d had which was confirmed by the blog survey. Again, I profusely thank you guys who took the time to respond to that, seriously, I am reaching through the screen right now and shoving a double slice of choc fudge cake down your throat right now (apologies to the gluten intolerant, feel free to spit it out once you’ve had a sufficient glimpse of nirvana to satisfy you). My hunch was that the majority of people reading this are people who I’ve actually met in person/at gigs. Which is lovely. Truly. HAVE MORE CHOCOLATE CAKE!

However, while I’m stoked to have anybody reading my little words at all, I do feel like I have a bit of a problem when it comes to reaching other folks who haven’t yet had the dubious honour of making my acquaintance, onstage or off.

I do believe part of the problem is that this started out as such a personal blog, without much thought. And I don’t think – with certain notable exceptions of bloggers I love, like Edenland – that many people are interested in knowing my personal ins and outs. I still want to keep a flavour of the personal in here for sure, but things are gonna be changing in that I want to make this whole blog thing much less about “me me me” and more about other things. Hmm, are there other things?

Having recently diagnosed myself as a Renaissance Soul (summary: somebody with a semi-ridiculous array of interests), I’m thinking there may be much musing on creative stuff, the biz side of being an artist (including promo, management, grants, planning tours, and more), comedy, improv, cabaret, writing, stuff that’s inspiring me, life, motivational stuff I stumble across, health (have I even told you I’ve joined the gym again? This possibly warrants a whole blog of its own. Hang on, narcissism alert! Move along…), travel and adventures with kidlets, and other ideas on attempting to rock the world and the baby.

I’ve got a designer on the mission to do an overhaul aesthetically – which I am super excited about, to see what she comes up with upon being briefed by my irrationally broad and crazy thoughts (part of my problem is that when it comes to the visual, often I don’t actually know what I want until I see it) – and am also finally pulling my finger out and working out how to do this podcasting thing.

It’s happening.


Thank you to all who have supported me thus far, I love you long time and I do hope you’ll stay onboard the journey as things start to morph round here. I won’t thrust more cake in your face as at this point you probably don’t need it.

Mylanta, anyone?

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