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Realise Your Dream Applications Open (Or “On Being The Best”)

British-ish teapot spotted this week.

Whenever there’s a call out for applications for amazing opportunities my insides kinda digest themselves in a fit of excitement. Most of which I never actually apply for (time, money, realistic thoughts of the logistical nightmare of sorting out family arrangements) but the simple prospect of possibility gets my blood pumping in a way I rather enjoy.

Anyhoo, I tell you all this because the British Council’s Realise Your Dream Awards are currently open for submissions – so if that tickles your fancy, hop right on it, I say! I was having a little fantasy traipse through their website and came across this extremely charming video made by one of last year’s winners, writer Briony Stewart.

Besides being incredibly clever, sweet and clearly displaying her very impressive talents, this one part really hit a nerve…towards the end of the video, there is a piece of text that reads “I want to be the best children’s book writer and illustrator…” followed by a pause.

“The best children’s book writer and illustrator what?” I thought. “In Australia? In the world? In the Commonwealth? Where?”

Then it came…

“…the best children’s book writer and illustrator I can be.


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