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Reader Question: “Why do we think our vote will make any difference?”

Treasured Comic Mummy reader Claire asks:

Speaking as a Brit with new Government in place, my question is “Why do we think our vote will make any difference?” Feeling cynical as VAT goes up, my pay freezes for 2 years and the cuts keep on cutting!”

Darling Claire,

Have you ever heard of a parenting philosophy known as “the illusion of choice?”

It essentially goes like this:

– you want your toddler/kid/ unreasonable ratbag to cooperate

– however, your toddler/kid/unreasonable ratbag is at a stage of asserting independence. THEY want to make the decisions. THEY want to be in control. THEY do not like being told what to do.

– SO…you simply grab the cattleprod employ a little bit of good old fashioned strategy: i.e. you offer them a choice. For example:

WRONG: “Eat your damn Cornflakes!”

RIGHT: “Would you like the Cornflakes or the Cornflakes Sultana Bran?”

WRONG: “Get in the bath, motherf****r!”

RIGHT: “What do you want to do first? Hop in the bath or meet your maker brush your teeth?”

WRONG: “You ruined my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

RIGHT: “Apple or orange?”

And so ensues a blissful period of cooperation – or so the little tike thinks!

This is where you get to rub your hands together in glee and smile wildly, yet you can’t because your lips are otherwise occupied crying: MOIAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

Silly little empowerment-needy fools! Keep them feeling involved in the decision making and they will be the Oompah Loompah to your inner Willy Wonka!

To answer your question, politicians = parents. Very crappy, abusive, manipulative parents.

And seeing as we are the ones being treated as the toddlers, I say we feel fully obliged to act like them.

Now, what shall it be first: all-out tantrum or hell bent destruction?

*Image courtesy of Graphics Fairy

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