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Postcard from comedy cruise-shipping!


What a time. My eyelids can barely keep themselves up as I type this, so will keep it brief, but just wanted to write and say a huge WISH YOU WERE HERE! I adore travelling and luckily, it turns out, I love doing so by boat. Especially when said boat contains umpteen all-you-can-eat buffets, hot tubs and stops at delicious islands. Oh man. Even when I’ve hit the challenging parts (missing my family terribly, slight bouts of nausea, technical hitches with gigs), I’ve still reminded myself what an insane privilege it is to be paid to do this. Seriously. I am SO GRATEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have learned:

– it’s okay to indulge in the buffet if you commit to taking the stairs at all times. It’s probably less so if you commit to the stair plan, only to back out on day 2.

Lady dancing on Mare. When I got off the ship she was dancing to Abba. No joke.

– when you get off a ship, you still feel like the world is swaying. When does this feeling end?

Our ship in the background. It’s much taller in person.

– the cruise ship scene is highly reminiscent of college. The crew live together, work together, play together, party together…I really cannot understand why nobody has written a sitcom about this yet. Cue lightning bolt of inspiration.

– I can climb a mountain. Even when I think I can’t.

Fellow comedian on board Mark McConville, sharing his favourite George Carlin bit, in what will forever be known in my heart as his “sermon on the mound.” This is down the bottom of the mountain we climbed. Note the big arrow made from wood & rocks on the ground next to him, the arrow which points out which way to go? See? We didn’t. A 20 minute ill-fated trek through jungle vines later & we finally clicked. And then realised we had considerable photographic evidence of our error. Wacka wacka.

Rocking magician (lovely dude!) Ben Murphy entertained us up the mountain with his little mid-hike “i-phone in the balloon” trick. I like to think I added a magical soundtrack with my heavy breathing.

The moment of triumph! We made it to the top! I nearly wept buffet syrup.

– My kids are made of rainbow dust. BRING THEM TO ME.

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