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Cake Daahlings!

Online Creative Group Coaching

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“I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed doing this and benefited from it. I appreciate it so much. It's opened doors for me I didn't even realise were there. Thank you.” 


A weekly creative playdate where you can nurture, work on and grow your creative idea/project and practice!



Do you always tell yourself you want to write or work on a creative idea but you never actually get around to doing it? 


Do you have an idea for a creative project that keeps niggling at you and that you’d love to get off the ground but you just can’t seem to get started… or get it finished? 


Do you promise yourself that you’re finally going to commit to writing/creating/doing the thing, only to get stuck and then lose your mojo because it just feels too hard?


Oh… and do you also love to laugh? 


Well hello there!


I’m Jenny Wynter - a comedian, cabaret performer, writer and lover of all things creative.


I also don’t take myself too seriously and love finding like-minded creative souls to work alongside, create, muse over all things creativity, writing, performing and more, and having FUN while we do it.


Otherwise what’s the point?

“Apart from the writing exercises, creative mindset work, and getting brave enough to share my writing with others, I enjoyed belly laughs every week! Jenny was an expert and fun facilitator and the group were so supportive…writing is again part of my everyday life. I’ve started to work purposely on my writing, which is that goal I set every year and never get around to.”


If you want to get unstuck, feel re-energised to kick some artistic goals while tapping back into the JOY of being creative, I’ve got some EXCITING NEWS!


Introducing: Cake Daahlings Online!

A weekly online creative play-date to help you feel less alone, more connected and motivated to blast through whatever’s been holding you back, and to make SURE that at least once a week you carve out the space, time and focus to work on your creativity.

“I signed up looking for comedic writing advice but found so much more. It's a kind, supportive environment in a supportive, safe creative space. Jenny's a beautiful human with an extensive knowledge of all things creative. It's impossible to leave a session without feeling excited, happy and inspired. Recommend for anyone. I'm thinking about signing up a second time.”


Over six weeks, we will meet in small, online creative gatherings which are designed to inspire and nurture you, as we KICKSTART that project you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t been able to get started. 


By the end of our time together, you will:


  • have made some serious headway on your project; AND

  • have established a writing and creative routine; AND

  • have a plan to keep that momentum going! 

"Writing has always been something I struggle with... I’ve attempted to keep written journals, but I couldn't seem to find the words... Jenny really helped me break that cycle, with simple writing exercises and an incredibly supportive small group of other attendees, has finally helped my written voice emerge!"


What happens in a Cake Daahlings gathering? 


Every session we will:


  • Work on overcoming the creative blocks that are holding you back: the inner critic, impostor syndrome, fears of failure/looking silly/people criticising you and thoughts of not being good enough (spoiler: EVERY CREATIVE YOU’VE EVER LOVED FEELS THESE THINGS);

  • Do writing and creative exercises to push your brain into new places of creative inspiration;

  • Make headway on your project through in-session communal writing sprints (it’s stunning how productive we can be when we’re doing it together!);

  • Have the opportunity to share snippets of your work for feedback; 

  • Have thought-provoking and heart-felt discussions on creativity with inspiring nuggets of wisdom guaranteed…


…all in a heartfelt supportive space where laughter runs rampant and we tap back into the JOY of creating. 


0% judgement, 110% cheer-leading;

You will also:

  • Be able to submit specific questions or topics that you’d like to hear covered in the sessions beforehand;

  • Receive a bonus PDF chock-full of recommended resources from yours truly, of recommended books, articles, podcasts and more;

  • Be part of a private FB community to post your progress, things that are inspiring you, ask questions and cheer other like-minded souls on;

  • Be invited to the post-session Cake Daahlings Alumni group, to stay connected with your fellow Cake Daahlings for inspiration, motivation and to keep each other posted with your progress and opportunities.


Just by signing up, you’ll be in the draw to win a FREE one-on-one 60 minute mentoring session with me (RRP A$225).

10 places only: sign up now!

“Jenny gave me exercises, tips and techniques that helped me know ‘where to next’ with my creative ideas and helped give me the belief in myself and the work to keep on going. I’m now working towards a work in progress showing of my first solo piece.”


“Such a wonderful experience.”


"A delight to be part of!"


Is This For Me?


Maybe you’ve flirted with the idea of:

  • writing a book;

  • writing a live performance show;

  • publishing articles, essays or short stories;

  • writing a collection of poetry or a play or maybe a screenplay; or

…maybe you just know there’s a project within you that you’d love to ignite but aren’t sure exactly exactly what that looks like - this is for you

You don’t have to have everything figured out. ESPECIALLY if that’s the thing stopping you from getting started. All you need to know is that there’s SOMETHING you want to create!

“When I began I was stuck in an incomplete draft of an academic journal. But with the support of Jen I had it into the editor before the deadline. I'm finishing with a solid concept for a short story, a new idea for my next one woman show and beautiful connections with seven other talented writers. Highly recommend!”


If the following gives you the warm creative fuzzies:

  • having a dedicated space and time to show up each week to work on your creative passion; plus

  • being accountable to others; plus 

  • having regular pep-talks; plus

  • being able to ask questions and get feedback in a safe environment; plus

  • feeling the support of a group of like-minded folks who are walking the path with you; plus

  • laughing loads as you do all of the above;

…and inspires you to STOP delaying and START making creative magic happen, then come on in!


The water’s divine!

“Not only was I able to make headway on a writing project I had been mulling over for a while, I also got to meet like-minded and beautiful people who shared their insights and encouragement. Jenny has been a great facilitator who brings inspiration and practical exercises that have allowed me greater awareness and understanding about the creative process. I would most definitely recommend [it] to anyone willing to embark on their creative journey."


Where: Online - link provided upon sign-up

When: 6 x Tuesday evenings 6.30pm - 8.30pm (Check here for your local time)

(UK: 9.30am - 11.30am, Los Angeles 1:30am - 3:30am, Perth 4:30pm - 6:30pm) 

Term Dates: Tuesday 7th May - Tuesday 11th June 

Cost: A$380 (inc GST) paid in full or weekly payment plan - A$70 x 6 payments  (inc GST)

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