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Cake Dahlings!

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Do you always tell yourself you want to write or work on a creative idea but you never actually get around to doing it? 


Do you have an idea for a creative project that keeps niggling at you and that you’d love to get off the ground but you just can’t seem to get started… or get it finished? 


Do you promise yourself that you’re finally going to commit to writing/creating/doing the thing, only to get stuck and then lose your mojo because it just feels too hard?


Oh… and do you also love to laugh? 


Well I’ve got news for you! 


I’m a comedian, cabaret performer, writer and lover of all things creative. I also don’t take myself too seriously and love finding like-minded creative souls to work alongside, create, muse over all things creativity, writing, performing and more, and having FUN while we do it. Otherwise what’s the point? 


And this February and March, I’ve got an extremely exciting opportunity to help you get unstuck, motivated and tapped back into the joy of writing, creating and pursuing your passionate ideas!


Introducing: Cake Dahlings!

A weekly creative play-date to help you feel less alone, more connected and motivated to blast through whatever’s been holding you back, and to make SURE that at least once a week you carve out the space, time and accountability for your creativity.


If you’re into writing of any kind - maybe you’ve flirted with the idea of writing a book, writing a live performance show, or just know it’s a passion that you’d love to reignite but aren’t sure exactly what exact project you might work towards - this is for you. Or you might be an artist in another field but want to expand your practice and connect with others in a different way than what you’re used to… 


…what will happen... who knows?! But this I do know:


The Five Certainties of Cake Dahlings:


We will write. 

We will commune.

We will laugh.

We will inspire and be inspired.


And we will eat cake. 


Where: Santai Pottery and Art Studio - 37 Glen Holm Street Mitchelton


When: Monday evenings 6pm - 8pm


Term Dates: Monday 5th February - Monday 18th March (plus final gathering on Tuesday 26th March) 


Cost: $280 + GST when you pay in full or weekly payment plan $40 + GST per week x 8

(or FREE if you sign up for one-on-one coaching

Only 10 spots available in total.

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