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Pollyanna is back in da house!

Firstly, Mum’s results are back and it’s not cancer!!!!!! Woot!*

Turns out it’s a rare blood disorder, it’s still not good as such, but compared to the alternative it’s damn fine news indeed. We celebrated with fish and chips on the wharf. Rock.

And thanks so much to all you guys for the kinds words of support. It’s meant a lot. 🙂

*Understatement of the year.

Secondly, we’ve got an abode in Canada!!! It’s all but finalised, but I’m terribly relieved/excited to not only be moving ahead with our plans but to have the accommodation side sorted out and from the sounds of it, it’s rocking accommodation at that. A two bedroom townhouse nestled in a gorgeous little town surrounded by mountains.

So…as it stands, we will all be jetting off on the 21st August – two weeks today, in fact. We’re heading to Banff/Canmore (big ski area complemented by massive creative centre for the arts) for the first six months, then we’ll see. If we’re loving it we’ll hang around, if we’re hungry for more we’ll head to Toronto. Or maybe Vancouver. Or wherever tickles our fancy at the time. For as we all well know, time can bring a lot of changes. And surprises. And stuff.

But thus far, there stands the plan.

*madly knocking wood*

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