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I’m feeling pretty much at the high peak of my manic cycle at the moment – life is all roses, fudge and calorie-free fairy floss. Bear in mind that I rarely write on this blog during the low end of the mania…hence the danger of me coming across like Anti-Depressant Barbie, but right now, I’m fully aware that this happy time will not last forever yet while it does I’m sucking it up like a Frosty Fruit. They’re my favourite.

Firstly, I had a rocking night on Monday at the 3rd round of the Great Canadian Laugh Off, presented by Yuk Yuk’s. We managed to score some babysitting, meaning that my Timmy was able to join me for the ride, which always rocks my socks. I felt atypically relaxed, namely cos Dan Rock (my headliner on the comedy tour just gone) had assured me: “You don’t have a chance of getting anywhere in this comp, you’re an Aussie (note, I think his point was not ‘Aussies suck’ but rather ‘it’s the great Canadian laugh-off and usually they don’t even let non-Canadians enter’) but you’re really doing this so you can get seen by Stan.”

He meant Stan the man – as in Stan Thompson, as in veteran comic extraordinaire and booking agent for Yuk Yuk’s rooms across Western Canada and one of the Laugh Off judges. To cut a long story short, it looks like – without wanting to prematurely count my chickens – after chatting with Stan post-gig, I may be doing some regular work with him in the coming months which hopefully includes more tours. Which I am completely and utterly stoked with.

The other thing which has rocked lately is Tim’s growing support of this entire thing. We’re really starting to do this as a team, rather than a germinating reality TV show of ‘Hubby vs. Comedy: a showdown’. We’re starting to plan a family road-trip to Montreal for the comedy fest in July (hopefully with gigs along the way there and back) and my mother-in-law – with whom I’ve had certain ‘disagreements’ in the past about the whole family/comedy combo – is even coming to the party, offering to come over and hang with us for a little while later in the year during what we anticipate is going to be a particularly hectic month.

Rock. The. Kazbah.

Oh yes, and the icing on the cake is that in Canmore, this crazy little impossible-to-find-accommodation town, we’ve finally managed to score a house. We signed the lease this morning and everything.

So yes. I know full well the bubble will burst soon…but it ain’t gonna stop me enjoying the float upwards in the meantime.


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