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Our artsy attempt at a Family Purpose Statement

This vision you see before you is the result of a family bonding event gone this past weekend.

Let me start by being honest: things can get pretty nuts around here. I know this is true of pretty much every family household I know, so I’m certainly not pleading special circumstances, but just with the added factor of Mummy dearest to-ing and fro-ing all over the countryside for performances and such, well yes…I’m pleading special circumstances.

And with more performances coming up this year than ever before in our family’s history, I’ve recently realised more than ever how much we are in dire need of some help in:

a) making our time together really, REALLY TRULY count; and b) getting more organised in terms of practicalities. (Oh dear HEAVENS when we can finally afford professional help with that I will consider that my moment of having “made it”. You have it in writing.)

So, I headed for the first place any approaching-overwhelm mother would in such circumstances: an all-you-can-drink buffet a helpful e-book. After seeing it plugged on another blog, I opted in for this one: One Bite at a Time: 52 Projects for Making Life Simpler.

Thus far, I’ve checked off a couple of these projects, much to my delight (hello morning routine! Menu planning! IS THERE NOTHING I CANNOT CONQUER?!) and last night, the five of us gathered together to nut out one of these tasks as a family: crafting our Family Purpose Statement. A little cheesy? Sure. But those of you who know me well know how I love to embrace the dairy in life.

We each contributed ideas to the kind of family we want to be, even littlest (whose contribution of a Buzz Lightyear quote: “I come in peace!” was included on the grounds that:

a) we wanted everybody in the family to be a part of the statement; and

b) once we adapted it to “we”, it actually is rather cool indeed. WE COME IN PEACE, YO!

Then today, we set about emblazoning it in gold. Only that didn’t work out, so we opted for the next best thing: a mixed media collage.

It now has prime position in our kitchen. And I kinda love it. Now I finally have something to stare dreamily at when I find my happy place.

Note: I have already uttered the phrase today (that’s right, on DAY ZERO):

“Where does it say “hit each other!” on the family purpose statement? WHERE?!?!?!”

I am not proud.

And yet…I am.

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