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On healthy detachment from dreams

I had a lot of lovely comments and emails in response to last week’s post: “Your dreams: what if you knew you’d never get there?”

One was from a rather wonderful woman I had the very good luck to meet in Canada at the Banff World TV Fest – we hit it off straight away and have managed to stay connected since. She even took me on a little behind-the-glossy-awesomeness-of-Vancouver tour when we were in town. Anyway, I love what she wrote so wanted to share it here.

Thanks Mona!!


Hi Jenny, This is a great post, thank you for sharing a bit more about your life and your beautiful mum (who I thought was you when I first saw the pic). I listened to a great talk on this subject by the author of Eat, Pray, Love, you may find it interesting: I too struggle with this issue, after years of near total career self-obsession, since turning 30 (what is it about that age?) I have been trying to separate myself from my work and career a bit. The sense of desperation to “make it” to show what a worthy person I am has subsided with this, I realize that there are many factors that go into “making it” and as long as I try my best, and do what I can, whatever happens is OK with me. Also, specifically with my career, I have also realized that maybe my previous idea of “making it” (owning my own Production Company) is not what I want after all. This realization has really freed me up to pay more attention to what I really want to get out of a career. It has been quite freeing.
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