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My New Office Space: A Triumph of the Human Spirit!

Cassidy has discovered his inner Lawrence Olivier this week. This is his Oscar-contending performance of “Puppy.”

We’ve been in home-making overdrive here at CM headquarters this weekend. Ella de-weeded almost the entire garden and learned to whipper-snip! Caleb and my hubby made a book-case: out of Caleb’s old bed! Cassidy cheered helpfully from the sidelines (code for “wanted to do everything himself”) but took satisfaction in his new “art corner”. But what I want to share with you is my own selfish triumph: my new office!

As some of you may recall, I did have a little office in the city last year for a while, however unfortunately – SUPER unfortunately as I adored it – I just wasn’t getting in there often enough to justify the rent. With three days a week to make it in, all it took was a kid to get a cold, or an appointment near home, to mean that I was only averaging getting in there once a week, and sometimes not even that.

So…back to the home office it was.

Until, of course, the home office got all Prince on me and decided it would become “The Room Formerly Known as Home Office.” In other words, Cassidy needed to move into his own room. Some of the office stuff stayed in Cass’s room until I could defeat my laziness muster up the will to sort out a better designated space into something functional.

Unfortunately this “designated space” became the room which runs off the kitchen, which is not unfortunate in itself, only that every time I looked at it – covered in unsorted papers, office bits and pieces – I was reminded of my FAILURE TO SORT SHIZZ OUT. Until this weekend. And I am proud.

Without further ado, THE BEFORE SHOT.

Image courtesy of


The Master office shot!

Two desks! Huzzah!

Left: the admin HQ. Right: the creative HQ.

One of the biggest challenges I stumble upon almost every working day is trying to balance the admin/promo kinda of work (i.e. the “Management” side of my career) with the creative side (i.e. writing, song-writing, rehearsal.) I’m seriously hoping this strategy of having a separate physical space – even though they are closely located – will help me to:

a) be more aware of the balance of how I’m spending my time, by having a physical representation of which area I’m working in; and

b) be more organised in my paperwork, by having designated spaces to deal with admin/organisational bits and pieces, separate from my endless notes of writing snippets, which were previously flitting around together like a bunch of prepubescent teens from same-sex schools who’ve met up for a school social and don’t quite know what to make of each other.

It already feels so much better!

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