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My Commercial TV Debut (With a Warm Fuzzy Twist!)

I’m terrified even writing this blog post, namely cos the moment I hit ‘publish’, it’s gonna become real.


So a few weeks ago a pretty rocking dream came true. I got asked to be one of the participants in a damn amazing TV project.

Actually, there’s a bit of a story as to how it all came about. Back at the good old Adelaide Fringe earlier this year, there I was strutting my stuff onstage at Titters, one of my favourite shows ever to guest in, filled as it is with delicious lady comics who I dig hugely onstage and off. Anyway, as I tend to do, I invited a random audience member up onstage to do my thang with… not realising at all that the entire audience (bar me, not being South Australian) already knew who he was. I discovered later that his name was Troy Gray, a former AFL player now presenter, TV/radio guy and producer of… da da da da… this incredible doco project.

Serendipity onstage. I love it.

So the concept is this: six folks each have to do their utmost to raise funds for charity (mine being Cara, a truly rocking organisation which works with people with disabilities), and then we celebrate our efforts while shooting a TV adventure documentary! From what I understand, the doco is a bit “Amazing Race”-ish, minus the competition, doing fun adventure-type stuff and will be screening on South Australia’s Channel 7 in early 2013.


However, since saying yes to this latest instalment in my series of ‘ridiculous feats to squeeze into a lifetime here in Jen-land’, I have been twisting my guts inside and out with a combination of fear, excitement, more fear and questions of “can I?” “how will I?” “what the heck am I attempting to do here?” “AM I MAD?!”

So why all the drama?

Aside from me being a general drama queen (cue Simply Red’s “If You Don’t Know Me By Now”), let me try to explain.

This is all good. Beyond good in fact. It’s for a great cause. It’s gonna be ridiculous fun.

The target to raise? $10,000.

The deadline? October 1st. That’s right.

I have to raise $10,000 in less than 7 weeks.

Cue anxiety.



The truth is, I honestly don’t know if I CAN do this. But, as Nike said once, the people who get things done in this world lie to themselves, by tell themselves they can do things which they actually cannot.

So…I am trying to pull my head in/out/twist it around just so it feels better, and lying myself stupid.


But…I am not so stupid as to think I can do it alone.


If you have:

1) IDEAS ON HOW THE HECK I CAN DO THIS Please. Any? I beg you. Pretty please help me come up with some thoughts on how to raise $10,000 in 7 short weeks and I will be so so grateful. (Note if these are fun and easy ideas, I will bake you cyber-brownies and email them direct to your inbox);

2) POCKET CHANGE Could you spare even a dollar or two? You can make a donation direct to the cause here and in return I will pretend to pat your children on the head and tell them what a good person you are. Not that they will feel my gesture literally. But the thought does count.

3) PUT YOUR HAND UP TO HELP AND WIN THE TITLE OF “BFF” If you REALLY wanna help be part of this mission by putting your hand up to raise some $$ through a one-off mission-as-you-see-fit, I may just make you a macaroni necklace and/or carve our initials into a random tree trunk. In fact, scrap the maybe. I will. Could you host a morning tea at your workplace, a movie night, or bring-a-karaoke-machine-to-school day? Gold coin donations are the new black.*

*Note: gold coin donations may not actually be the new black. But they are easy to organise. 

I know I’m probably going to be doing all of the above myself. I am gonna be working my BUTTOCKS off over the next little while on this, I’m already thinking about maybe a comedy night (of course) and doing more than a couple of bake sales at school. Because children need more sugar and baked goods.

But please, rest easy.

I really don’t want to spend all my time on here and social media hassling you for cash, so…I won’t.

I WILL no doubt write some updates on how things are going with unashamed public thank your and fireworks dedicated to those who help, but I don’t want to annoy the heck out of you.

I know there are a bazillion amazing things to give your money to in this lifetime, but if you are moved to in any way support this mad undertaking for a great cause then I do publicly promise you this:

I will do every single televised adventure activity (which, rumour has it, includes racing, boating and flying thus far) they throw my way, WHILE WEARING A TUTU. And, if possible, cowboy boots.

It will be like my little wink-wink at the camera to thank everybody who has helped me on my way.

And just cos I think it’s freaking awesome.


P.S. My official fundraising page is here!

Image source here.

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