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Mummy-Man to the Rescue

The biggest ongoing argument in our household at the moment revolves around being called the right superhero name.


Caleb: “Hey Ella.”

Ella: “I’m not Ella, I’m Flash!”

Caleb: “Okay Flash.”

*** Ella: “Hey Caleb.”

Caleb: “I NOT CALEB!!! I SUPERMAN BATMAN TWO!” (Don’t ask)

Ella: “Okay Superman Batman Two.”

*** Ella: “Hey Daddy.”

Caleb: “He not Daddy! He SUPERMAN!”

*** And so apparently all that effort we put into choosing nice names for our kids was for naught. Not only can I NOT call my son by his actual name, but to do so means suffering severe punishment by way of deafening screams.

So I’m surrendering. From hereon in, Daddy is Superman, Ella is Flash, Caleb is Superman Batman II and me? Well, you can thank Caleb for this one.

Ella: “Mummy.”

Caleb: “Her not mummy!”

Me: “Then who am I?”

Caleb: “You Mummy-man!”

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