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Melbourne International Comedy Festival Tour Diary: No Sleep Til Brooklyn! (Brooklyn = End of Festiv

The roller coaster is almost at its end.

I am utterly exhausted in each and every way. I heard some terribly sad news today about a friend of mine from Canada who passed away suddenly a few days ago; I went into shock followed by sadness followed immediately by what I can only describe as emotional disconnection, my body/psyche knowing full well that in the midst of this insanity, I need to put any kind of “dealing” on hold until next week. I am constantly reminded that a) life really is an unexpected variety show; and b) there really is no need to worry about my career, because in the grand scheme of things, it really just ain’t all that important.

Many epiphanies have resulted from this entire festival experience; I have not yet processed them all in any shape or form so will leave their dissection for later, but for now, a debrief.


Sam Simmons’ “About the Weather” – loved the concept, I think I spent most of the show just taking in his plethora of ideas, rather than laughing out loud. The show is so ridiculously clever and unique: I think I kinda love him.

Tim Key’s “Masterslut” – again, I didn’t laugh out loud terribly much (perhaps this common thread is thus more of a reflection on me and my festival fatigue) but he is an original for sure. Poetry, multimedia and a bath. Dig.

Tim Key sauntering before the audience in Masterslut.

Set List – I absolutely LOVED this show as I knew I would. Again, improvised stuff always makes me laugh so much more than scripted; I’m not quite sure why, other than to say that it’s something about the magic of knowing that it’s a never-to-be-repeated thing. Particularly brilliant the night I saw it were Mark Watson, Marcel LeCont and Canada’s own John Dorr, who looked so relaxed and happy to be up there (a good lesson!) I could have watched him make stuff up for hours.

The Horne Section – AGAIN! Yes, I could not keep away. They just inspire me so much, I feel like throwing a tantrum until someone brings me a giant improv comedy band of my very own. I shall call it “pony”.

Simon Amstell onstage with The Horne Section

While the nights have been packed with performing and spectating, I have spent my days trying to catch up on much needed zeds, writing new stuff – including some sketches for my next show, whatever it may turn out to be! – catching up with friends and strolling the streets of beautiful Melbourne.

Just another cute Melbourne alley...

Dame Edna Place! I would say it made me "inexplicably" happy but I think it's technically explicable.

Much window shopping has been done. And photography of said window shopping. You're welcome.

Cafe shot

The shows have been beautiful for the most part; we’ve had a couple of slow nights but fortunately each time the crowd has proven it’s not quantity but quality, proving rather lovely. And now I find myself with only ONE show left…woohoo! I’m so excited about tomorrow, it’s already selling solidly, so should be a rather nice one to go out on. I am very much looking forward to giving it my all and then putting the show to bed for a little while. I am in desperate need for some rejuvenation time and am so so so pumped to write the next one!

The stars behind the scenes of "Unexpected!" Tech and stage manager, Eden and Belle!

Thanks for following the journey!


P.S. Yes I am still missing my kids so badly I’m ready to tear off somebody’s limb if I don’t get to cuddle them soon. So please, if you see me, just hide your appendages. You have been warned.

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