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Melbourne International Comedy Festival Tour Diary: Highs and Lows

I finally get why they call it "teasing". Because that shizz is NASTY.

I know I sing it onstage every night, but life really is an unexpected variety show.

The shows have been mostly beautiful – opening night was solid, despite a couple of tech hitches, second night just popped big-time (wish to heavens I’d had the sense to make that one my media night, as we’d sorted out some of the teething issues from the night before! My bad, I’ve learned a good lesson though!) but tonight, complete with six audience members (two of whom were a fellow performer and staff member at The Butterfly Club respectively) and so many tech hitches it kinda seemed like we’d scripted them in, combined with my lack of focus – having heard some truly devastating news of a friend of mine shortly before showtime – meant tonight kinda sucked. Totally blame myself for just not being able to get my head in the game. It’s all good, tomorrow is another day.

On the plus side, somebody brought me flowers…

These darlings greeted me backstage on Opening Night! Thanks to my friend Lou!

…and I’m getting some very nice reviews, from the Herald Sun, Australian Stage and Stage Whispers thus far.

Have been spending solid amounts of time at the Festival Club late at night, which has been super fun. Also have caught a few shows to make a dint in my very long wish list, thus far have included:

– Xavier Toby’s Binge Thinking. I first met Xavier at Woodford Folk Fest when he jumped up for a guest spot and nailed it, his show involves puppetry of an impressive array of alcohol bottles playing people. It’s funny and indeed, makes you THINK! – Simon Taylor’s 10 Things I Know About You, also on at the incredible Butterfly Club. The guy is super mart, dances like a mo-fo – he’s made me feel rather insecure about my own boogying skills, a feat which none before him have achieved – and even spins you out at the end. Nice. – Candy B’s Bootylicious. Seriously, cannot recommend this show more highly. I want my daughter to see it. I want every woman I know to see it. I want ME to see it again! I walked out feeling freaking proud of my body, what can I say? She is amazing.

This morning saw me bound out of bed at the not-so-indecent time of 8.30 for my first radio interview here in Melbs, with the lovely Richard Watts on 4RRR.

Triple R for a radio interview this morning!

Then I hightailed it up to the incredible Yarra Ranges to meet up with my former schoolfriend, fellow performer and now resident of this incredibly gorgeous area, Sar Collins. She is an amazing photographer, by the way, among her many talents, you can check her stuff out over here.

The girl spoiled me rotten, taking me on a driving tour/cafe crawl through the stunning sights of the area, with highlights vising possibly the best kids shop I have ever seen in my life (I believe I audibly gasped when I walked through its doors), eating lentil soup outdoors in a cafe/restaurant that felt like a castle and eating scones with jam and cream at a delicious forest-nestled cafe. AMAZING day.

For real. You can book one. Dinner and a reading! My mind fell off.

Funky cafe in Kallista!

The nice side of touring, to be sure!

More soon. Hope you are well!


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