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Melbourne Fringe: Touring With a Toddler Installment 7: Gaining Perspective

My point of view post-show, waiting for the train home.

Today I finally gained the perspective I’ve been looking for.

This was in no small part, kicked off by some much-needed physio on my CANING back, followed by a serendipitous stumble into a gorgeous little kiddified cafe nearby on Rathdowne Street.

But that was just the start.

The real clincher was discovering several pieces of bad news today. As in, REALLY bad news. Not for me personally, but for a few different people in my world. One of these pieces of news involved a car accident.

Hearing of these events suddenly made me feel quite stupid, sad and even ashamed of having been so wrapped up in the mega-importance of my “FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE!” As if it’s anything that even matters in the grand scheme of life. The car crash news of course, made me reflect on my own car crash (as did the intense physio session), and how I’ve somehow forgotten again in the past twenty months how lucky I am just to be alive, walking and to be able to set foot onstage.

I want to get back to that. Just being grateful to be onstage. The rest is cream.

Or, in other words, (and I search for them namely because it gives me an excuse to document a beautiful moment from today in photographic form): Being onstage is the tea. Anything on top of that is simply a beautiful teapot.

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