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Melbourne Fringe: Touring with a Toddler Installment 5: A Turning Point

Today the weather finally changed. From this:

Rain, rain, go away, come again...when the Fringe is over!

To this:

More of this, pretty puh-lease!

As did my mood.

That this coincided with me having an epic nap yesterday afternoon (while my resident babysitter took littlest to the Melbourne Show), plus many beautiful friends displaying stunning gestures of goodwill, taking it into their own hands to send me messages of the “don’t give up!” and “give me the link to your show and I’ll send it to my Melb peeps” varieties, followed by a kick-ass night checking out acts and schmoozing at the Fringe Hub…

The stage of the Melbourne Fringe Hub. Onstage if you can spot em is Die Roten Punke.

…well, I feel a new woman.

Snapped this in Carlton this morning and so glad I did. Damn my IPhone makes me feel arty.

Caught up with friends on this gorgeously sunny morning in Carlton for brunch and playground-dom. Cassidy made friends with every animal-like thing in a hundred foot radius. Just like his Mummy in her uni days…ah, bless.

The Cass-meister on board a Platypus. Making it a flatypus. (Hey, I'm freaking TIRED, okay? Good jokes later. Maybe.)

Tonight’s show was lovely. Around 20 peeps by my reckoning. Yes, pick your jaw up off the lino. Seriously, I am actually stoked. Things are moving in the right direction!

Afterwards I was whisked away for a stunning Greek dinner in Richmond (from this point onward I should like to warn you that upon the utterance of “dips” or any variation thereof, I may well involuntarily drool all over you) with old uni friends I hadn’t seen in more than ten years! So amazing walking out onto the stage and seeing familiar faces after so long.

Like an actual school reunion, but with better food!

Then off I dashed for a quick interview on The Cabaret Hour on JOY FM, then a quick tram-ride back to my favourite place right now: bed!

Tomorrow is my one day off over this festival and we are heading on down for an overnight stay in a place I believe to be beyond gorgeous. Will post upon my return!

Before I leave, however, I have to tell you, as lovely as today was, earlier I had a mild heart attack when just as I was about to set foot on a tram towards the theatre, my babysitter called to say she had a family emergency and couldn’t look after Cass for this afternoon’s show.

A quick logistical juggle later and darling friends Grace and Vicky (who, might I add, I had only just caught up again with for the first time in YEARS) promptly came to the rescue, offering to mind Cassidy until my other wonderful friends Rache and Michael could come and pick him up. Cass was stoked, in the arms of lovely ladies happy to give him attention (plus a dash of Scooby Doo) and I was relieved to float off to the theatre on time!

If there’s one thing I have learned through this whole experience (which is ridiculous really, as I have learned PLENTY!), but the most significant to me right now is how INCREDIBLE the people in my life are. Even friends who I am not necessarily close to in day-to-day events, have come through for me in many varied ways to keep me going. I have had such a massive wake-up call regarding how ridiculously blessed I am with wondrous people who are with me on this crazy adventure, all the way. I have realised so fully that I might be stepping onto the stage alone, but I’ve got a hell of a lot of loving and brilliant folks making sure that I get and stay there!


Thank you guys so much. You know who you are. If I had means, I would buy you all extravagances of the Melbourne kind. You know. Bits of vintage funkawesome, laced with geniune turkish delight and baklava. And cheese. There would definitely be cheese.

But in the absence of that, here. Have a Melbournian graffiti wall.

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