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Lost Kazoos, Too Much Hairspray and Writing New Songs the Night Before a Major Gig.

Rehearsals for the Betties portion of tomorrow’s show are in full SWING! Boom boom ching.

One more sleep! Tickets are selling, rehearsals are all but dunzo, the camera guys are getting the set-up sorted for the DVD filming, plus I have set myself a rather insane task of writing a NEW SONG for “An Unexpected Variety Show” today. Yes, I know. Ridiculous. I am. Absolutely ridiculous. I kinda disgust myself. Ugh. But as some of you know, there is one cover song in the show and I have been meaning for ages to replace it with an original, so of course, it is only once the finish line is in sight that I am prompted to get off my butt and write it. I’m not the only one like this am I? Am I? Hmmm….

We had our last Betties rehearsal last night and by golly gosh, what a bunch of fine ladies I have the privilege of working with. Seriously. Love these girls. I can completely screw up the choreography, lose my kazoo, lose myself in my kazoo choreography and they love me still. And I them.

Bottom line, tomorrow night, whatever happens, it is gonna be so much fun. And we will smell like hairspray for weeks.


Tomorrow, one night only: An Unexpected Variety Show supported by Betty and the Betties Judith Wright Centre as part of Brisbane Cabaret Festival 7.30pm Some tickets still available here.

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