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Life Coaching and Digging Deeper Holes

My view as I type!

I am slowly emerging from the fog that’s been the whirlwind – amazingly so and awfully so – start to this year.

In trying to get my head around what the heck this second half of the year is about, I’ve entertained the notion more than once of getting a life coach. In fact, it’s been at the point for a while where I’ve known deep down that it’s exactly what I NEED, but the cost just seemed so prohibitive. Well, last night I signed myself up for the When I Grow Up Coach’s Clubhouse, a very inexpensive and seemingly cool way to test the waters in the life coaching arena. I will let you know how it goes, I’m pretty chuffed though that I’ve FINALLY taken action on this area of my life that’s been niggling at me for some time.

As it seems, has much of my to-do list.

One of the things I want to work on is getting a bit more systemised in terms of how I approach these projects. I think tackling one at a time until it’s finished (like Monsieur Henry Miller) is definitely the way to go, and definitely one of my greatest challenges. I have a dreadful habit of getting so distracted by the new shiny ideas, getting a thought on that project, having a stroke of inspiration for another, then sitting down at the piano and writing a chorus, only to then think about the article I wanted to write about blah…I am digging a lot of holes in the ground, yet none of them are seeming to get very deep!

I also sat down the other night and wrote out ALL of my projects…current and future and was equally impressed and mortified to realise that I have enough work to keep me going for six lifetimes.

Time to start drinking my coconut water.

How the heck do YOU stay on top of all these exciting things to do in this lifetime?

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