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Latest column: Confessions of an Ice Queen

In other news, thank heavens it’s the weekend! We’ve got a mad one planned, mainly comprising social engagements and fun/tantrum-inducing Christmasy stuff with the kiddlies. Yay!

Plus I feel like this week I’ve FINALLY cracked the critical balance of friends in this town to make me feel actually loved here. Translation = able to walk down the street and bump into at least one person I know. (I know, I know, I’m sure given enough time that will become annoying, but for now: oh sweet friends. Go forth and multiply! Not literally. That would just be weird and mildly uncomfortable.)

So today: down to the local playroom for me and the kids, then we’re baking Christmas tree cookies (yes, ME…BAKING…what is this country doing to me?) and are all off to a Christmas party for the afternoon.

O Canada, O Canada…

(I’d sing more but that’s all I know. Sozzoms).

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