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LA-LA land: Eddie Izzard, Sarah Silverman & more!

Training has been AMAZING. Agh! I’m learning so much it’s hard to keep up, I will post a nice juicy “things I’m learning” post tomorrow. But in the meantime, a few things of note in the past few days…

1. Eddie Izzard was, as expected, brilliant. He kicked off the gig by jumping into the crowd and running the entire length of the Hollywood Bowl, high-fiving folks all the way. As he caught his breath while taking to the stage again, he offered a word of advice: “If you’re ever playing the Hollywood Bowl and you decide to do what I just did…don’t.”

I got home and tweeted this:

…and 2 minutes later was re-tweeted by Master Izzard himself, yo! AGH! I had a little dance of happy, followed by lots of twittery chats of excitement both from others who’d been there and those who wished to be. United in Izzard-dom!

2. Last night I did a musical improv workshop and thought I recognised the young guy sitting next to me, but wasn’t quite sure. Then another lady in the class said to him: “Oh! My daughter is going to be so jealous when she finds out that you’re here!”  Which was when the penny dropped: Jake Ryan off Hannah Montana! Well, “Jake Ryan” is purely how I know him, thanks to Miss Eight watching Season 1 a whole 17 gazillion times. He was lovely and even indulged my request for a photo (which I shall post here the moment I get one.)

I took great joy in telling Ella my news last night on skype. She said: “Really?!” Then… “I’ll be really impressed if you meet Pink.”


3. I went to catch a late show at UCB last night (which, sadly, was SOLD OUT! Not sad for them, obviously) yet it was worth the valet charge just to meet Ms. Sarah Silverman! YAZZAH!

Today has been INTENSE. Privates with Michael and Gary, I feel like already I have learned such a tremendous amount, I am trying as hard as I can to take copious notes, and I may end up video recording some of our sessions too just to keep up!

More adventures a’comin!


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