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Instability or Adventure?

Instability or Adventure? A quick anecdote from the trenches of the arts.

Recently I did a gig in Gladstone as part of the Queensland Science Festival (I know, PLOT TWIST! I can do science!) chatting on a panel with Dr Karl himself about “The Science of Laughter”.

‘Twas terrific fun; the audience were up for it, Dr Karl was charming and hilarious and I thoroughly enjoyed riffing with him with my special flavour of silliness - a good time was had by all.

Then after the show, I got this glorious message.

[Images used with permission! Thank you so much!]

People talk a lot about the instability of a career in the arts as if it’s a bad thing (and to be fully transparent, sometimes it is). But what they don’t mention is how the very unpredictability of it is part of its magic. You don’t know what’s around the corner. For better and for worse.

But when that unknown is something like a sweet reminder of why what you do actually matters… that makes the unpredictability of it one of my very favourite things.

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