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Improv on 4ZZZ!

I’m rethinking this whole blog thing at the mo, not in an I’m not doing it anymore so nah-ni-nah-ni-nah-nah way, but in a Hmmm…I wonder what other things I could put on here instead of just written thought-spillage kinda way.

Anyhoo, as serendipity would have it, Brad from Edge Improv has just this very day put up a podcast of one of our old improv segments from back in the old Aussie days (they seem so far away now…sniff!) on 4ZZZ. It’s a funny thing about improv, once you’ve done it, more often than not the little nugget – or turd – you created on the spot just flies straight out of your head and shuts the door of your memory, never to be thought of again. Having it recorded and then listening back is kinda surreal, in a ‘Memento’ kinda way. Point is, I honestly can’t even remember us doing this one – but it sounds like we were having fun. Which is, I believe, the idea.

It’s online here if you care to partake.

If not, no worries.

(But ‘Nah-ni-nah-ni-nah-nah!’)

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